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Meet Samm

Week 1: Foundation

Week 2: Blush

Week 3: Foundation and Eyebrows

Week 4: Eyeshadow

Week 5: Highlight and Countour

Week 6: Winged eyeliner

Week 7: Color Mixing

Week 8: Iridescent eyeshadow


Iíve suffered from cystic acne most of my life and it has been such an emotional and frustrating battle. I became a slave to trying anything and everything on my face but nothing ever worked! Since I started using Dinair and learned how to use their camouflage technique, Iíve felt like my true self shines through instead of being hidden by my acne or makeup build-up.

Most of the makeup products Iíve tried only concealed my skin condition or made it worse. Like most people, I wasnít good at cleaning my makeup brushes; can you imagine all the germs and bacteria that ended up on my face? GROSS! Now, I just point and spray and only let air and makeup touch my skin.

I want to share with you how Dinair has helped improve my confidence and energy.

Wash your face to remove excess oil or moisturizer from the skin.
Use a toner 1-2 minutes before airbrushing which helps give you longer lasting makeup.
Cover trouble areas by focusing on those areas, get 1 to 2 inches from it, and rock your airbrush lever to spray light passes of makeup.
A little goes a long way Ė use a small amount of a lighter foundation color to lighten up trouble spots before blending or going over your entire face with your skin tone color about 4 to 6 inches away.