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Dinair Airbrush Makeup Workshop

Enjoy Yourself as You Preen and Tweak Your Makeup Skills at the Two-Day Intensive Airbrush Makeup Workshop!

Learn valuable skills from airbrush makeup experts. Pick up tricks of the trade from the trend-setters themselves. Take your client service portfolio to a whole new level. Join a lucrative revenue option. Get Certified as a Dinair Airbrush Makeup Artist or become a Dinair certified Airbrush Makeup Instructor.

Why your clients want you to attend the Dinair Airbrush Makeup Workshop.All your clients desire the glamorous, flawless looking skin you will now be able to give them. You can be sure to woo them with your magical airbrush makeup techniques that have the power to make tell-tale lines disappear, hide scars and imperfections and leave a radiant beauty behind. Your clients will love the Hi-Definition makeup seen on big screen and digital television now on themselves.

Why you would want to attend the Dinair Airbrush Makeup Workshop.

Value addition! Exposure! Rub shoulders with the industry’s best! You couldn’t wish for a better chance for gaining airbrush makeup technique proficiency. Come attend one of our Airbrush Makeup Workshops at North Hollywood, CA or call us over and we will come to you for two days of high intensity, hands-on instruction and training. The valuable skills you pick up will have guaranteed results in your makeup career and business possibilities that will inevitably lead to satisfied clients spreading your fame in their workplaces, and social circles. As a bonus your business or career as a beautician will expand or takeoff.

  • Learn from the World's Leading Experts.
  • Master a wide range of airbrushing skills.
  • Greatly expand your services to your clients.
  • Profit from lucrative new revenue sources.
  • Become a Certified Dinair Airbrush Makeup Artist.
  • Go on to become a Certified Dinair Instructor.

What we teach you:

Whether you are an airbrush makeup amateur wanting to acquire airbrush makeup skills or you are simply seeking further career advancement, by taking this airbrush makeup class you will reach those goals in just two days. Airbrush Makeup Workshop

What you will get out of this:

What you will learn at the Dinair Airbrush Makeup Workshop. Whatever your level of airbrush makeup know how, we guarantee that after our advanced airbrush makeup training you will master the basics of airbrush makeup techniques, applications and your creativity will know no bounds. Some topics covered in the state-approved curriculum are:

  • Apply HD-Quality Makeup quickly and skillfully.
  • Use effective camouflage and paramedical techniques.
  • Use stencils for fashion, fantasy and aesthetic effects.
  • Airbrush Moisturizer and Sunscreen protection.
  • Teach others how to apply Dinair makeup to themselves.
  • And much, much more!

HD-Quality makeup application: skill and efficiency, effective use of camouflage and paramedical techniques, how to use stencils to create looks for fashion, fantasy and aesthetics, all about airbrush moisturizing and sunscreen protection. You will also learn how to train others to Dinair themselves and more at our Airbrush Makeup Workshop.

Who are your trainers?

The airbrush makeup industry pioneers! The ones, who paved the way forward for the airbrush systems, charted the industry norms and rocked the makeup world with solutions that last. Our workshops are intended to share this twenty-year-old legacy with makeup enthusiasts from over sixty countries the world over who come to North Hollywood, CA, USA. We also conduct our professional Airbrush Makeup Workshops in the Canada, Europe and Asia.

You will be amazed at the wealth of information and hands-on leaning that you will take away from our workshop.

The Professional Airbrush Makeup Workshop at our studio in North Hollywood is designed for small intimate groups of 8 to 10 with enough experts to instruct and guide you – ensuring optimal learning. You will learn airbrushing skills by practicing on yourself or other students like you. In the process you will take home great professional friendships and loads of can-do confidence in your newly acquired magical ability!

Take advantage of the opportunity set before you and get Dinair certified!

Join other professionals from the world over and learn the acclaimed Dinair Airbrushing Makeup System from the originators and the best. You will take away the official Dinair Professional Airbrush Makeup Artist Certificate to add to your merit portfolio. Successful graduates also qualify to join the Dinair reseller program. Airbrush Makeup Workshop

Our guidance doesn’t end
when your course does.

Graduates of Dinair Workshops are encouraged
to call or email our inspector / customer service
representatives for ongoing advice, recommendations
and support. Stay current with the latest airbrushing
trends, techniques and products. This ongoing
mentoring services is an invaluable resource you
should take every advantage of!
Find out why top beauty schools send students to the Dinair Institute for our specialized airbrush training.
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