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Airtan is Always in Season

Craving a safe, sunless glow? Dinair’s Airtan is a safe and easy way to beat the winter blues and get beach ready! This sugar-based sunless tan leaves a sun kissed color tone. Odorless scent and dries to a tack-free coverage leaving the skin with a beautiful summer glow that fades evenly.

Airtan application is so neat and focused that it can be used in a bathroom, bedroom or treatment room. Airtan isspecially formulated to spray at very low pressure. At low pressure we can produce a very focused, gentle spray pattern with almost no overspray. What little over spray occurs falls in a small radius around the subject. Little overspray also means almost no wasted product.

Are you already a customer? Perfect! If you already own an airbrush compressor the Mini Kit Tanning Add-on is for you! This kit includes the Body Airbrush for Airtan, 8’ Air Hose, Airtan 8 oz – Light or dark, Guide color, Dispenser bottle, Siphon lid, and glass rise jar. You simply attach the hose to the compressor and spray on your tan! We also have many options for new customers: easy-to-use at-home tanning systems and customers who want professional quality tanning systems for salons and spas.

Whether your tan is for a special occasion or for an everyday glow, we’ve got all the airbrush tanning systems you’ll need for an easy airbrush tan at home and touch-ups at any time!

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