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What if I pick the wrong shade range or foundation color?

Dinair offers a one-time foundation exchange for new Dinair customers' up to 4 foundations*. Based on this marvelous offer, you can pick your foundations online now, and get started with confidence.

Our Color Match Experts are available to help you pick your colors. Color matches are typically done during the same business day.

*Exchange offer good within 5 days of delivery.





Refresh Nozzle Tip

Deep Clean Needle & Nozzle Tip

Deep Clean Needle & Nozzle Tip - Video


Deep Clean Fully Assembled Airbrush


Dinair Airbrush Cleaning Cap

Store Airbrush in cleaning caps when not in use

Dinair Cleaning Caps are designed to keep cleaner inside of airbrush when it is not in use. The Caps keep the cleaner in the makeup cup, in body around the needle, inside and outside the nozzle and around the airbrush caps. Every place we need to clean, without any disassembly. The cleaner goes where the makeup goes, until you rinse it out. Our specially designed cleaner gently removes makeup in and on the airbrush.

Dinair Cleaning Caps are easiest and least time consuming way to keep your airbrushes clean and ready to use.

Pumping the Cap helps to circulate the Dinair Airbrush Cleaner throughout your fully assembled airbrush. The cleaner bubbles in the makeup cup confirm that the cleaner has circulated throughout the airbrush. 3-6 drops of cleaner is all that is needed for regular daily storage. If cleaning daily storage is missed more cleaner may be needed to clean the airbrush.

"Self Cleaning!"   “Always Clean when you need it!”

Deep Clean Your Fully Assembled Airbrush

    "Like NEW" Clean

  • Soak to Clean
  • No Disassembly
  • Does the Work for You
  • Fast & Easy
  • Keep Caps on Between Uses
  • Store with Drops of Cleaner

Dinair Airbrush Cleaning Caps

*Not to be used with Xtreme Clog Remover

Black   $10

Dinair Airbrush Cleaner Use with Cleaning Cap

4oz    $8

8oz    $11

1 Gal    $40

Airbrush & Compressor Service Prepaid

Dinair Airbrush Inspection (Cleaning and Repair)   
$25 $15

Dinair Compressor (Inspection and Repair)   
$45 $25

*Shipping & Handling not included