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What if I pick the wrong shade range or foundation color? Dinair offers a one-time foundation exchange for new Dinair customers' first-time foundation purchase of up to 4 foundations*. Based on this marvelous offer you can pick your foundations online now, and get started with confidence. If you want help matching your shade or picking new colors our color match team is ready to help you.

Request a Free Color Match!
Color matches are done by Dinair color match experts typically done during regular business hours.

*Exchange offer good within 30 days of purchase.

Start your color match now

Airbrush Beauty

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  • Eyebrow Pro Stencils Set

    Eyebrow Pro Stencils Set

  • Glamour Stencil Collection

    Glamour Stencil Collection

  • Eyebrow Hair Pro Stencil

    Eyebrow Hair Pro Stencil

  • Square Inner Brow Pro Stencil Set

    Square Inner Brow Pro Stencil Set

  • Brow/Shadow Guide

    Brow/Shadow Guide

  • Eyeliner Stencils

    Eyeliner Stencils

  • Eyeshadow Shield Glamour Stencil

    Eyeshadow Shield Glamour Stencil

  • Lip Stencil by Dinair

    Lip Stencil by Dinair

  • Fantasy Beauty Marks - Stencil

    Fantasy Beauty Marks - Stencil

  • Age Spots + Freckles

    Age Spots + Freckles


10 Item(s)

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