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From Matte to Radiant with Moist & Dewy!


Moist and Dewy

Get the Glow

Makeup Softener

Glossy Lips

Moist & Dewy is uniquely applied after the makeup is complete in a light gentle mist. One to two drops is typically enough. Moist & Dewy can also be misted on before makeup if you discover you need added moisture. A little goes a long way, so enjoy it. Moist & Dewy can be used to add a satin sheen appearance to our naturally matte makeup coverage. You can add as little or as much satin sheen as you want, and just where you want it. Lots of new possibilities to look great.

Try a very light mist of our Moist and Dewy Moisturizer, with or without makeup.


For dry, oily, or combination skin

Jojoba body moisturizer is applied after the makeup or tanning is complete in a light gentle mist. Feel clean and fresh with Dinair moisturizer. Refreshes and adds a natural healthy glow when used without makeup.

Camouflage Makeup Tip:
In areas where paramedical makeup is used, minimize the use of moisturizer. If needed, use only a very light mist of the body moisturizer. This will help to maximize the special characteristics of the makeup. Also consider moisturizing with the facial moisturizer 10 to 15 minutes in advance. If time does not permit, topically wipe to prepare for immediate coverage. The glamour shades can be misted as needed.

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